Adam Retter

I am now living back in Devon and currently working in West London with The National Archives.

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Exeter, Devon, United Kingdom


Office (UK): +44 (0)2032 397 236

Mobile (UK): +44 (0)7714 330 069

Mobile (DE): +49 (0)1765 744 7002 (decommissioned)

Skype: adam.retter

Twitter: @adamretter


My Curriculum Vitae is available here in PDF, Open Office and Microsoft Word formats.

Any spare time I have at the moment is split between -

  • EXQuery - launched at XML Prague 2009. Apart from RESTXQ, I am focusing my resources on EXPath at the moment, once that reaches a suitable stage, I will continue with EXQuery.
  • eXist - An Open Source Native XML Database project; I am one of the core developers.
  • W3C XML Query Working Group; I am an invited expert.
  • Private Contracts and Consultancy - please contact me for further details.

I am currently learning about -

  • Semantic Web technologies - RDF, RDFa, FOAF and OWL. I have started adding RDFa to the pages in this site.
  • Atom - I have started working on delivering an Atom feed from XQuery for my blog, the work in progress can be seen here -
  • Scala - a functional programming language atop the Java VM.
  • Distributed processing - Akka, Hadoop (Developing the Shadoop framework).

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